Recruitment Reno

21 May 15:00 by Gail H Whipper


‘Recruitment Reno’

Our team is packed with ‘wise heads’ with a passion to provide great customer service and build on relationships that last. You’ll also find us down to earth, straight talking and keen to make your life easier rather than more complicated.


As the CO-VID 19 risk eases and restrictions become more manageable, we have been working at ways to assist our clients to kickstart their business and bounce back.

If you are thinking about taking on staff but the cost of hiring a professional recruiter or the thought of wading through 100’s of resumes is holding you back, then read on…

Whipper is adapting to market demands by implementing a new initiative in addition to our traditional recruitment services. This will give you the opportunity to use a specialist recruiter without major impact on your cash flow. 

Recruitment powered by you

What does it mean?  

   We give you the power to customise our services to suit your individual needs and budget. Pay per module 

  • Advertising on multiple job boards and our social media network
  • Filtering applications for a more manageable list of relevant applicants
  • Phone screening and Qualifying applicants
  • 1st round interviews
  • Skills testing
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Reference checking
  • Criminal record checks
  • Medicals
  • On site panel interviews
  • Negotiating offers and informing unsuccessful candidates

 How does it help my business?

  • Lowers your Costs
  • Assists your cashflow                                           
  • Saves you Time
  • Gives you a safer recruitment process
  • Minimises the risk of recruiting the wrong fit
  • Professional recruiters partnering with your business


To find out more please phone us and have a chat 4962 1877