Stand Down from Employment

02 Apr 11:00 by Gail Whipper


This information supplied by Australian Business Lawyers.   Click to see template.

Enter Letter Date

Enter Employee Name

Enter Employee Address Line 1

Enter Employee Address Line 2

Dear Enter Employee Name,

Stand Down from Employment

We write to inform you that, as of Enter Date, Enter Employer Name is standing you down from your employment due to a stoppage of work which has arisen because of circumstances outside of its control and for which it cannot be held responsible.  At this stage, you will be stood down from work for the period Enter Commencement Date Enter End Date (‘the Stand Down Period’). This will be reviewed before the Stand Down Period expires and we will notify you of what we propose to do after the Stand Down Period.

The Stand Down Period is considered necessary as a result of Enter Reason for Shut Down Period which has caused a stoppage of work at this point in time. Enter Employer Name has considered whether you can be ‘usefully employed’ in another way during the Stand Down Period to avoid the need to stand you down.  Unfortunately, despite its best efforts, Enter Employer Name cannot provide you with useful employment during the Stand Down Period.

During the Stand Down Period, you may elect to take certain accrued leave entitlements, if you have any accrued and available, including annual leave or long service leave. If you wish to use this accrued leave during the Stand Down Period, you should contact Enter Contact Person Name, Enter Contact Person Position by no later than Enter Date

If the Employer has an Employee Assistance Program, include the following paragraph. Otherwise, remove it from the document.

We understand that this is a stressful situation and we encourage you to contact our Employee Assistance Program on Enter Contact Number.

Thank you for your assistance and support during this difficult time.

Yours faithfully

Enter Employer Name

Enter Name of Signatory

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