Hiring Temporary Staff in Newcastle NSW

09 Aug 14:00 by Angela Clipperton


Ever considered hiring Temporary Staff in Newcastle NSW?

Then read on...

Hiring temporary staff in Newcastle NSW has become more and more commonplace and most businesses have the need for temporary staff at some point.  Newcastle NSW is home to numerous key industries and Whipper temps are considered the pick of the bunch.

Whether it is for a half-day or three months, there is always someone available. We realise that there are many businesses and managers out there who have never gone down this road before but rest assured, Whipper will make everything easy for you.

Temp Employment Options

There are other staff options such as part-time, casual or contract staff.  If your business needs are seasonal you may only need extra workers during the holidays or during busy production periods.   We will step you through the process and take care of  the wages, paperwork, superannuation and payment summaries. We send you an invoice weekly and we do the rest.

What is a temp?

  • Temporary staff are usually hired through a recruitment company that has career temps that are “hired on” to the company.
  • Temp staff can work part-time. They can work five days a week for a defined period of time or from half-day to three months or more if necessary.
  • Contractors are either hired by a company and are on the company payroll for a fixed period. Independent contractors, have their own ABN or company and invoice the company for a defined contractual period.

There are guarantees in place when hiring a temp!

An interview doesn’t need to occur if hiring a temp for a short term assignment. If you are using an agency for the first time, remember you don’t need to waste time interviewing.  Just explore the guarantees that are available at that particular agency.

At Whipper Recruitment when we hire out  a temp  we give you a full day to assess the suitability of the temp.  

How are temp rates determined?

The hourly rate quoted is not related to the salary that would be paid to a permanent staff member when hiring temp staff in Newcastle. The agency passes on the on-costs of employment and their margin. These on-costs include superannuation, payroll tax, professional indemnity insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and other insurance costs. The margin is then added, which can vary depending on the market and the industry for which you are recruiting.

How to Hire Temporary Staff in Newcastle NSW

Call Whipper Recruitment today and your temporary staff can start first thing in the morning for half a day, the week or three months...and only need to be booked the day before, therefore you don’t need to give much notice for a temp... For more information about hiring temp staff, call one of the team @ Whipper on 4962 1877 or take a look at our website at