Happiness at work is…working with great people

12 Feb 13:00 by Ann-Maree Noble


Happiness at work is one of the most important ingredients in a happy workplace. Get the right people around you at work and turn your workplace into your happy place.

We spend more time at work than at home. You’ve heard this statement a thousand times, so how can you help make it a happy and inviting work place? How can you make it great? Here’s a couple of simple things you can do to make your office “the” place to be.

Let your Personality Shine at Work

Don’t just show up to work. You need to bring it! Bring your sense of humour and your spontaneity. Get involved, be creative and inspiring.

Yes, we know work is work, and sometimes it can be a bit tedious, so that’s the time to whip out your great personality and have a bit of fun.

I don’t mean like a random slip and slide down the office corridor, I mean smile, make a joke, be upbeat and go across the street and buy everyone chocolate for no reason at all and then I’m sure you’ll make everyone smile.

Be a team player in the workplace

Classic overused cliché (hey, don’t judge… it says it all) “There is no I in team” applies to this situation. Collaborate with your team, don’t be competitive. Put your ego aside and focus on the big picture – the company you work for and the people who work in it. Your individual goals are important of course, but imagine how much better when everyone collaborates and pools resources and energy into one huge company focus – Can you feel the POWER!

Praise your colleagues for work well done.

Look at what your colleagues have achieved rather than just focusing on the negatives. A good workplace is about encouraging people to grow and feel fulfilled. Allow everyone to Shine Shine Shine… don't always be the dull Dora!

We are all different and diverse. Respect that not everyone works as you do. There’s a trick to dealing with diverse personalities and work styles.


Talk to each other and be specific, explain what you need with care. Listen and learn and hopefully stave off hidden office resentment. Who knows, through different work method you may learn something new too!

How you conduct yourself in the workplace directly contributes to the culture and tone of your workplace environment. Be the change you want to see! We all want to work in a people-focused, happy, safe workspace, so be that person…kind and cooperative.

Gossip and Office Politics

Avoid gossip and office politics. Don’t get involved – all it will do is bring the mood down and ruin the good vibes! Be generous, not jealous. Be ethical and diplomatic, not destructive. Take ownership rather than blame others. Be supportive and balanced instead of always trying to knock others down. We could do this all day, but simply put…

You don’t have to be the shiniest or the smartest or the most productive or the meanest, just be you… kind, generous, forgiving, funny, uncomplicated you.