Lessons in being likeable at the office

20 Jan 14:00 by Gail Whipper


Lessons in being likeable at the office from Whipper Recruitment.

Being ridiculously likeable at the office might not be something you can earn a degree in, but it certainly is something that can help you get ahead in the workplace. Understand that the job you do is not just about the results you deliver, but the way you make other people feel. Follow these office tips and tricks to help you on your career path.

Be approachable.

Many colleagues make themselves unapproachable or unavailable simply by their mood or workload or any other excuse they can use. No colleague wants to feel like they are bothering you.

Lesson 1:

If someone has a task they want you to complete and you already have something going on, let them know politely that you are in the middle of something and ask them when they need it by and if it is a priority. This shows that you are happy to take on any new tasks but also shows that you have your priorities in order.

Tip: Always remember to SMILE!
Be positive
. Having a positive attitude in the workplace isn’t always easy. Things happen in your work life and personal life but letting them affect you at work will not only make you seem impressionable but it also makes people uncomfortable – which you don’t want in a workplace. You want people to WANT to talk to you and ask you for advice.

Lesson 2:

If something is bothering you, or something negative is happening in your life, have a moment to yourself in private, take a deep breath and try your best to block it out. It can be very hard to do this, but it will really help in the long run.

Tip: Don’t be a negative Nancy, be a positive Penny!
Be polite.

Manners go a long way, especially in the workplace. Always remember to say “thank you” and “please” when necessary.

Lesson 3:

When a colleague is speaking with you, always look them in the eye and ask questions. This shows that you are interested, but also shows that you are acknowledging what they are saying.

Tip: Politeness is an inexpensive way of making friends!

Be flexible. NOTE. This has nothing to do on whether you can do the splits or not. Be open to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. People who are willing to do new things, consider other’s viewpoints or learn a new skill are generally more interesting and likeable. The more you are willing to accept change the more adaptable you will look.

Lesson 4:

If you can weather the storm of changes, and manage to continue producing solid work, you will prove your worth 10 times over as an employee

Tip: Embracing change can expand your opportunities

Acknowledge. Do not underestimate the power of acknowledgement. A compliment (that you mean, not that you fake), a thank you or a job well done can increase your likeability instantly. It sounds so simple, yet we often get too busy to remember to notice the things other people do. Stop and think about the people that help you every day and taking the time to circle back and say thank you.

Lesson 5:

Common courtesy is a must. If someone has left a coffee cup or some rubbish in a meeting room, use your initiative and put it away. If there is no paper in the printer, put some in. Simple things like this will impress your fellow colleagues

I decided to keep this list short and sweet so that you wouldn’t forget it!  But remember: these tips will only work if you actually implement them in your daily life… As in life, the action is key.‚Äč