It’s all about, black, white and a bit of 50 shades…

07 Mar 14:00 by Gail Whipper


Who needs 50 Shades of Grey,  when you can have some colour in your life. It’s all about, black, white and a bit of 50 shades… After intense research gained from mindless hours asking the Google Gods the important questions, we have come up with these fun findings.

Which Whipper colour are you?

As a PURPLE SPIRIT, you are sensitive and compassionate soul. You often think of others before yourself and are understanding and supportive. People come to you for help and you are often taken advantage of. You are a gentle free spirit. Your feelings run deep and you can be quite sensitive to hurtful comments, not that you would complain about it. You have a deep insight. Often temperamental and creative. You are passionate and devoted. Purple people often have creative jobs. You would be great in advertising and let’s face it, you add colour wherever you go. Mystical and unique, luxurious and dignified…bit too good to be true methinks.

The ORANGE LOVER wants to be the centre of attention, you tend to be flamboyant in nature, and are not likely to have too many serious thoughts. You are a friendly, natural-born politician. Generally, you are good-natured, likeable and social and make friends easily. You have an easy smile and are great with small talk. You are drawn to any occupation in which you meet groups of people. You seldom indulge in serious thought or severe discipline. Orange is the colour of determination, encouragement, strength or productivity. I wonder if you would be great as a receptionist, or in customer service?

The GREEN GROUPIE would be stereotyped as a nature-loving peacekeeper, but according to colour psychology, those who love green desperately want to feel secure in both their finances and relationships. You want to be seen as successful, wealthy, and an important person in your social circles, so you probably have a great job. You like a positive affirmation from peers and family. You are a bit of social butterfly and you like to eat, so you’re probably on a diet. On the other hand, you are consistent in your ways, persevering, sensible and respectful, so you are nicely balanced. Human Resources, Personal Assistant or Manager might suit your peacekeeping consistent even nature. Your social butterfly nature might also make you a good event planner.

The BLUE BEAUTY is calm, cool. Blue, the colour of the ocean, is often associated with feelings of serenity. You like a serene, calm life and you like all your bibs and bobs to be in order. You are a bit of an introvert, deliberate and introspective. You are a steady hard worker, so you’ll probably be successful and make a lot of money. Those who love blue are often able to find peace and tranquillity in places where others do not. You accept responsibility and obligations but are steadfast in your opinions. Likeable, trustworthy and easy to get along with. If I’m on the right track, then you might be an accountant or a legal/ conveyancing secretary.

The GREY GLAMOUR has subtly sophisticated diplomacy. You have the polish and great manners. Etiquette and social graces are important to you because you pride yourself on how others perceive you. Professionally, you are trustworthy and discreet. You are often seen as the peacemaker because you are balanced and stable, probably because you are somewhere between black and white. This makes you an impartial fence sitter – what a great description for a conflicts resolution specialist. Head down, hard worker that is not easily distracted by movement. Dedicated and able to keep great focus and poise during stressful situations. Add a bit of sparkle and you make silver! Data entry and document control specialist could suit your skillset.

Maybe wear a bit of Whipper colour to your next interview…it might just land you your dream job!